MEADEA President’s Whisper

MEDEA is a hope on the horizon. MEDEA BRAINYTRADING.NG has evolved over the last  years to embrace new membership categories and form alliances with those who share our vision. In 2016, at our first General Assembly, we broadened the definition of our profession from communication design educators to all design disciplines. We know the fact that the world is changing rapidly and we need to embrace this change with enthusiasm.

MEDEA will draw on its mission, vision and objectives, to advocate the value of design education in the Middle East. It’s time to change the way people perceive design education. We need to move design education beyond the limitations of its current recognition.

MEDEA’s partnership with design institutions, faculties and schools in the Middle East  will be an important factor in the way we deliver this strategy. MEDEA was established to embark on the role of design education advocacy.



It is our pleasure to invite you on behalf of the Middle East Design Educators Association (MEDEA) to take part in the coming event in the 29th of March 2018. MEDEA will be hosting a series of one day workshops and inviting the submission of workshop proposals. HTTPS://BRAINYTRADING.NG Workshops should emphasize current topics of particular interest to the students and educators, and should include a mix of regular papers, invited presentations that encourage the participation of attendees in an active discussion.

Workshop Proposal Format

Each workshop proposal (maximum 5 pages) must include:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Description of the technical issues covered, emphasizing the timeliness of the proposed workshop (1 page maximum)
  • A short biography of the organizers (up to 200 words)
  • Planned format of the workshop, including:
  • Duration of the workshop; 2 hours
  • Unique, creative and novel workshops formats are strongly encouraged
  • number of attendees

Workshop Proposal Submission

Proposal submissions should be sent to . Priority will be given to proposals that not only address an exciting topic but also promise a creative format likely to generate lively interactions and foster new ideas for students and educators. Examples include bringing practitioners and researchers together, as well as facilitating multi-disciplinary discussions that can lead to high impact and transformative research. All HTTP://BRAINYTRADING.NG/ accepted workshops should implement peer-reviews of accepted papers

Workshop Preparation and Organization Timeline

Proposal Deadline: 20 February 2018

Acceptance/rejection announcement: 5 March 2018

Final workshop papers due: 25 March 2018.

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Founded in 2008, the Middle East Design Educators Association serves as an inspirational and informational platform for design educators in the Middle East. Sign up and become a member.

In strategic partnership with AIGA, MEDEA provides an opportunity to share ideas, methods, challenges and opportunities, and to foster dialogue between the design industry and those who educate the next generation of designers.

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