Founded in 2008, the Middle East Design Educators Association (MEDEA) serves as an inspirational and information platform for design educators and practitioners in the Middle East. MEDEA provides an opportunity to share ideas, methods, challenges and opportunities, and to foster dialogue between the design industry and those who educate the next generation of designers.

Mission Statement

The purpose of MEDEA is the advancement of education by encouraging and supporting excellence in design education and research within the Middle East; and being the regional authority on, and advocate for, design education and research.


  • to be an advocate for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at a university level in design;
  • to support the rich diversity of individual programs within the higher education sector;
  • to create collaboration between programs in the higher education sector;
  • to foster an attitude of lifelong learning;
  • to encourage faculty and student exchange between programs;
  • to provide recognition for excellence in the advancement of design education;

Membership is free, and is open to design educators and practitioners in the Middle East region.

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