• Book to read:” Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience and Value.” Kevin Farnham and Patrick Newbery

    Experience Design is geared towards enabling a discussion around how design and business should collaborate to create better outcomes. It will address this gap and provide tools for businesses to partner effectively…[Read more]

  • Design educators must establish a distinction between design thinking & making to direct the students attention to a deeper knowledge.

  • Design educators can demonstrate how design thinking and making streams come together into an integrated and reflective practice.

  • New methods must include the collection and use of research-generated data with assessment and evaluation of problems and solutions; research is an important component of new methods of improving programs to meet new standards (Diamond, Gardiner, & Wheeler, 2002).

  • Essam Abu-Awad posted an update 2 weeks ago

    The creative process continuously mines the unknown. We create something out of ‘nothing’ – and ‘nothing’ is not really nothing, it’s just initially hidden from our conscious awareness. The classes I teach at DMI, Design as Experience I & II, confront anxieties toward these unknowns and, through a spirit of play, encourage students to not…[Read more]

  • We need to promote a culture in our classrooms and on our campuses where success is not defined or guided by failure but attributed to success in itself. [Dr. Oliver Dreon]

  • It is important to support or “scaffold” learners in their learning process.
    Always make sure that the use of technology is in line with the instructional concept, the instructional triangle, and serves the attainment of learning outcomes

  • Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students.
    It is the accessible typography book, presenting the high-level aesthetic concepts followed by copious examples.

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    “If I ran a design course, I would take the time to learn the art of teaching first and realize that just because I have designed a few annual reports in the field does not qualify me as a good teacher. Many of my professors have not been able to justify their grades, didn’t know what a scoring guide/rubric was, and loved to humiliate students dur…[Read more]

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    “Once my students graduate I’d always keep in contact in case they need anything more.”

  • Students need techniques for: time management,communication skills, manners, test taking, relaxing, studying, note-taking, organizing, representing and remembering concepts and their relationships.

  • Teaching brings us an incredible feeling of satisfaction knowing that we are contributing positively to the futures of region.

  • Educators who teach for a profession have high expectations to meet.

  • It is necessary to focus on how the teaching of graphic design is governed and managed in Jordan. It is known that this is a relatively new practice to Jordan and the Arab world, especially the skills of graphic design teaching, it is not like the other branches of art. It has no strengthened roots or identity, as part of the Arab culture.

    Read…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Raymond Prucher posted an update Interested to know what the greatest challenges are for others teaching in the region. I’ve taught in Palestine and Dubai. I’ve seen challenges regarding a) resources; b) support; […] View

    Dear Raymond,
    I teach graphic design in Jordan, challenges do exist.
    Any method for teaching Graphic Design has to bear in its priorities the promotion of creativity factor and concentrate on the techniques and demonstration methods and their correlation with skill to enable the student of this specialization to benefit from this study- this…[Read more]

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